Posted by: Gabrielle | 01/09/2010

A Bird’s Eye View of the Social Security Disability Process

In a perfect world, people who are genuinely disabled would quickly be granted disability benefits and medical care. Unfortunately, the disability benefit system as it is currently handled by the social security administration does not function in this manner.

Most social security  and SSI disability claims will be denied at the initial claim level and will need to be pursued at least to the hearing level.

However, you can boost your chances of winning a social security disability claim as follows:

1.  Get your primary doctor and any specialist whom you see to support your disability case and have him or her complete a detailed report as to why you are disabled and unable to work.

2.  Submit copies of your medical records up to the present when you apply and each time you appeal.

3.  Cooperate fully with the Disability Examiner working on your case. This includes responding promptly to letters and notices, as well as going to any medical exams scheduled by DDS.

4.  Keep  tabs (personally or via an attorney or representative) on the status of your social security disability case.  If you are not represented, call DDS for updates on an initial claim or reconsideration.  Don’t call the 1-800 number because you will be on hold for a long time and the information you get may be incorrect.

5.  Don’t let important deadlines go by on your SSDI or SSI disability claim.

6.  Retain an attorney as soon as your disability claim is denied.

7.  Maintain a good relationship with the people who work on your case – this includes the Claims Rep at Social Security, the Examiner at DDS, and your attorney.


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