Posted by: Gabrielle | 01/14/2010

Get Updates on your Social Security Disability Claim

You can get updates on your Social Security Disability or SSI claim by contacting either the local Social Security office or the DDS Examiner assigned to the case.  The DDS is the Disability Determination Service and is the state agency responsible for determining if you are medically eligible for benefits.

The DDS Examiner is generally your best bet because he or she is the person actually managing the case.

Unlike calling the Social Security Office, getting through on the phone to DDS is usually fairly easy.  Simply call the DDS number (you can get the number from your local Social Security Office) and ask to speak to the disability examiner assigned to the case.  You will need to provide your social security number to get the correct examiner.

If you have an attorney to represent you, your attorney will make this call.    The attorney will know how to deal with the DDS examiner and will know what questions to ask and what information to give.  The attorney will then inform you of the results and work with you to provide any further information and/or records which the DDS needs


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