Posted by: Gabrielle | 01/14/2010

Getting Social Security Disability Benefits if You are Under 50

If you are between 18 years old and 50 years old, you are in the most difficult age range to get Social Security benefits.

Before you turn 18, Social Security uses the “child” standard for disability evaluations.

After you turn 18, though, Social Security uses the “adult” standard. You have to show that you are unable to do any type of work which exists in substantial numbers in the local and national economy. That basically means that you have to convince Social Security that you can’t do any kind of work.

Some attorneys won’t take a case where an individual is under 50 years of age. However it is possible to win such a Social Security disability case.  It is just harder and your attorney has to work harder. But after all, that is why you are hiring an attorney in the first place.


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